Keys To A Successful Super Bowl Party

There are two keys to a successful Super Bowl party:

  1. Good game
  2. Food

Without these two factors, your party will be a dud.  I can’t change the first key, but I can definitely help you out on the second.


Food is such an important factor to any successful party.  People get hungry, and if you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for food.  The worst parties are when the host doesn’t provide any food or finger snacks, and you’re just waiting there for the party to end so you can go to the closest McDonald’s drive through (this has happened to me at least twice).  I’m the opposite kind of host.  I provide so much food that there will be leftovers for days.  Let me tell you my secrets.

There are a couple of specific foods that you always want to have at a Super Bowl party.  Let’s call them the essentials.  The essentials are burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, and nachos.  Then you got the filler items like a salad, chips and salsa, veggies and dip, and other chips and assorted snacks.  The filler items are sort of an appetizer to the essentials.  Picture a Super Bowl party with just the fillers items – it’s just not right.  You need the essentials to have a good time and the filler items to make it a great time.

Depending on how many people you’ve got coming to your party, I would suggest prepping the essentials way ahead of time.  I’m saying hours ahead of time or even the night before.  You want your meat all marinated so you can just throw it on the best quality gas grill you got laying around your house.  When people start arriving, you can lay out the filler items.  You shouldn’t have to spend too much time making these filler items.  They can be quickly bought at the store, and you can even have some of your guests bring these snacks!  When your guests arrive or even shortly before, you want to start cooking your essentials.  Timeline is a strategy you’ll learn quickly if you ever have more than 1 of these Super Bowl parties.  You want your cooking to be done about a half hour before the game starts.  That way guests have time to eat before the game, but the food will also be good for during the game if people want seconds or thirds (I always do).

It’s really important to get your timeline figured out and a cooking grill you can rely on.  You never want your guests to show up and your grill to suddenly break.  That’s why I’ve got the best performance bbq of the month.  I’m not kidding you when I say I do serious research on my BBQ each year before my big party.  If there’s even a little tiny thing wrong with it, I’ll take it in or get it fixed right away.  Remember, no food = no fun.

Hope these keys to a successful party helped!  And if anything goes terribly wrong, make sure you have a ton of beer.

Throwing The Best Super Bowl Party


Let me first just tell you how big of a fan of the Super Bowl I am.  I remember when I was just 8 years old, begging my parents to let me stay up to watch the ending of the Super Bowl.  They were having a Super Bowl party and invited a bunch of friends.  Even at 8 years old, I knew everything about football.  I knew how the scoring system worked, and before the game started, I would always read as much as I could about the two teams and their quarterbacks.  So I begged and begged my parents to let me stay up with them until the party was over.  They agreed, and this led to the beginning of my Super Bowl party obsession.

burgerAs I grew older, the Super Bowl became more of a thing that people wanted to party to.  My parents let me have my first official Super Bowl party when I was 14.  I invited a bunch of buddies over, grilled some burgers, fried some wings, and had an awesome time.  As the years went on, I was the person known to throw the best Super Bowl parties.  People from my school would literally wait for invitations just so they could come.  Every year, my theme was basically the same (centered around football obviously), along with food and activities.  For some reason, it worked out and became almost like a tradition.  The party would start early, and we would divide the guests into two teams to play touch football.  My parents had a huge backyard, so people would bring layers of clothing and we would play football outside.  After our game, I would grill burgers and hotdogs as well as make fried chicken wings.  Some years we would also order pizza depending on how many people came (everyone).  We would eat just before the game started, and then when the game actually came on, I would bring out the guacamole and other assortments of appetizers and easy finger food.

Each year was always a success, so as I grew older, the party would get bigger.  I’ve started this blog to half help, half document the craziness that happens at my Super Bowl parties.