Moshannon Valley Super Bowl’s Fundraisers

Plan #1:  The 50/50 Party

This plan is great for soccer groups, school groups. It is an easy way to rise between $200.00 - $1500.00

Example: each group member sells a ticket for (minimum of $30) $30.00 to attend the bowling fundraiser. It consists of 3 games of bowling (red pin if you want), 1 pizza per lane, 1 pitcher of soda per lane, and prizes (minimum of 4 ppl / lane).

For each ticket you sell, your group keeps half ($15.00).If people who bought tickets do not attend, your group keeps the entire ticket price.

Your group sells 100 tickets @$30.00 each ($3000.00)

80 people come to the fund raiser ($15.00X80=$1200.00)

20 people don’t attend, your group keeps all of the ticket money ($30.00x20=$600.00)

Total Raised for your group $1800.00

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Plan # 2: Bowl-a-thon/pledge Party

Every person in your group who plans to participate would solicit pledges based on the number of total pins knocked down by that person during the event. Pledges can also be based on $2.00 per game. You can also solicit a flat pledge of $5.00, $10.00, etc. per person.

Example: a bowler scores 125 per game x 3games = 375pins

10 pledges x .05 per pin x 375 = 187.50

50 bowlers x 187.50 = $9375.00

Cost of bowling $2.00 x 150 games (50 bowlers @ 3 games) = $300.00

Total Raised $9,075.00


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Plan # 3: Corporate Lane Sales

Do you need to raise money? Here is an easy way. Simply sell a “lane” for a tax deductible contribution of $100.00, $200.00, $500.00, or a $1,000.00 to a business who in turn invites six guests to a bowling party

(The party includes 2 hours of bowling, shoes, beverages, and prizes)

Your group raises $4,800.00

24 lanes @ $200.00 each = $4,800.00

Bowling costs $1,000.00

Total raised $3,800.00



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